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Pompeii, Herculaneum and Winery Farm

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One of our English Speaking drivers will meet you outside the cruise ship terminal or hotels. He will be holding a sign with your name on it and ready to escort you to your private vehicle for the tour of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Winery Farm.



Together with your driver you will plan your day and arrive at ruins of Pompeii (or Herculaneum). This famous archaeological sites are part of ancients Roman cities destroyed and buried by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A.D. You will be captivated as you see first hand the remnants of the ancient Roman life that came to a halting end in 79 A.D. You can explore the area  with a professionally licensed and local guide for 4/5 hours!!!

Following this exciting tour, we will drive to the base of the volcano Vesuvio where we can visit a great family winery for a light lunch, wine tasting and wine yards tour. 

Enogastronomic Tour
The idea of a visit in the vineyards, exacta to a tasting in the same ones is been born approximately four years ago, in particular way thanks to the interest of foreign agencies that have known the our products and have had way to visit the production place. 

The initiative till now has had a good ones happening with the visit of various coach tourist, that they are remained dumbfound from the landscape to from the characteristics of the products.

The Company Agricola Vesevus is proposed therefore to offer a meeting for all those who wanted to taste wines and to visit the vine; 

The visits will be articulated in the following way :

  • Arrival in company
  • Walk inside of the vine with illustration of the various stages of advance of the cultivation of the screw, the systems of breeding let alone of the property intrinsic of the vulcanico land.
  • Tasting in various options:
      1. Pause in the structure with the tasting of two wines (white man and red Lacryma Christi of the Vesuvio) with same different type of biscuits.
      2. Pause in the structure located in vine where the assay of typical products will be carried out (Cheeses; Salumi; Biscotti; Sott' oil; Peasant etc.) and the tasting of the vesuviano oil with bruschette; two wines: Lacryma Christi of Vesuvio D.O.C. Red and white in rigorously pours to you in glasses to professional use, accompanies to you from several stuzzicherie (Biscotti made handicraft, rusticini and of the cheese); Raisin wine tasting Fior di Ginestre accompanied from a cake of the house.
      3. Pause in the structure, with the same tasting of aforesaid wines, with buffet described on the web site.

After this wonderful day we'll drive back to your destination.

Duration of the tour: 7/8 hours. 

For booking please email to .