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Herculaneum: The Ancient Roman Ruins

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This tour is available all year around

Located in the shadow of Mount VesuviusHerculaneum (ItalianErcolano) was an ancient Roman town destroyed by volcanic pyroclastic flows in 79 AD. Its ruins are located in the commune of ErcolanoCampania, Italy.

You will not be standing in the entrance line because tickets are included with us!


With us you will visit:


  • House of the Inn;
  • Decumanus;
  • House of the Wooden Partition;
  • House of Neptune and Amphitrite;
  • Samnite House;
  • Thermal Bath;
  • Forum;
  • Thermopolium;
  • College of the Augustales;
  • Bakery shop (Pistrinum);
  • Gymnasium;
  • House of the Deer;
  • Herculaneum skeletons of people;

Please note, we strongly recommend being cautious of your belongings and leave the big bags into the Van. We would also advise that you take plenty of water, especially in the summer months, and ensure you are either well protected with sun cream or hats as there is very little shade in which to escape the sun.

Duration of the tour: 2 hours.


For booking please email to .